Sunday, January 22, 2006

My Bloody Valentine, "Instrumental",
"the bonus 7 inch included with Isn't Anything....the band more or less abscond, leaving only a hip hop rhythm track over which this ectoplasm weaves in and out of silence in a mournful, private dance. ... like something by Erik Satie arranged by Keith Levine. Imagine the ghostly echo of ancient psalms drifting through an abbey in a drowned village..... Kevin: "The thing is, the sound literally isn't all there. It's actually the opposite of rock'n'roll. It's taking all the guts out of it, there's no guts, just the remnants, the outline. It's like - did you ever walk around in the city on a Sunday, somewhere like the East End, or The Angel - and there's this dead, where-is-everybody feel. Nobody's about, all these millions of buildings, but not asoul around. That kind of deserted feel. Not spooky, you're not made uncomfortable. But you're not comfortable either...."....Colm: ìthe not really there sound, the sound of a cassette thatís been copied too many timesî

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unicornanatomy said...

sd you never fail to make me think