Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Joakim "Milky Ways"

""The basic inspiration for the album was the idea of youth and teen spirit in our consumer-based society," explains Joakim, "put in parallel with the idea of wilderness, or lost paradise. As if these two things - wilderness & youth - were mythical states." But the album - eager, starry-eyed, a little impish, stubborn and shy in equal measure - hangs delicately between nostalgia and its refusal. With his grounding in post-punk and disco, Joakim's music has always made clear its debt to the past. Still, Joakim's approach is almost curatorial, sifting through the archives to find inspiration in false starts and detours, outmoded methods and outdated technology.

"I think that most (young) artists today are like archaeologists, especially in graphics and contemporary art," says Joakim. "You can't compete with history, with what's been done. You need to use that, in a more or less disrespectful way, to make new things. You can't just say, let's do something new and forget everything before, it's impossible and very pretentious. Especially when all that music is available everywhere all the time. I'm addicted to music and I listen to a lot of very different things, and whenever I hear something interesting in a song I think, Let's try it, put it with something completely different and see what it does, like a mad scientist...""

Interview with Joakim Bouaziz

I've heard the entire album, and it looks like it is my favorite of the year so far. Amazing and diverse, true artists album. Post Punk, Disco, New Wave, Psychedelia all mixed into a coherent whole.


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