Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Neuromancer the film


Joseph Kahn? Hope he can pull it off...

Ideal director: Cunningham obv, but it seems like he couldn't pull it off, so Darren Arnofsky or Danny Boyle

So here is my ideal cast, for what it's worth:

Case: Cillian Murphy
Molly: Milla Jovovich or Emily Blunt
Armitage: Ben Kingsley or Viggo Mortensen
Dixie: Mickey Rourke/ Sam Elliot
Peter Riviera: Jude Law or Jared Leto
The Finn: Steve Buschemi
3Jane: Natalie Portman/ Christina Ricci
Hideo: Jet Li
Linda: Ellen Page
Aerol: hmmm still thinking..

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